Aguila Elementary School District
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Registration and Immunizations

If you are new to the area or have a child who will be entering kindergarten in the fall, this page contains all the information you will need to register your child for this coming school year!

Documentation Requirements

If you are ready to register your child, please visit the school’s front office to collect the appropriate paperwork. Be sure to bring the following items with you to register your child:

  • Child’s original birth certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of residency
  • Records from previous school if transferring

Arizona Law

Arizona law requires all students to complete an immunization history at the time of enrollment. The state permits exemptions from vaccinations for personal reasons with a parent’s signature or for medical reasons with the signature of a parent and doctor. 

Student Insurance

Our school district uses the student insurance plan from K&K Insurance Group to make reliable coverage available to parents. You can purchase coverage at any time during the school year by visiting K&K Insurance's website

Please Contact

Martha Mendez
Phone: (928) 685-2222

Physical Address: 50023 N. 514th Ave., Aguila, AZ 85320
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 218, Aguila, AZ 85320
Phone:  (928) 685-2222
Fax:  (928) 685-2433